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Price: 5863.00   Deposit: 2345.20

Total Sq Ft: 180


Our 10x18 patio is the perfect addition to any backyard. Made from high-quality materials, it provides a durable and long-lasting outdoor space that you'll love for years to come. The patio features a beautiful design and textured finish, making it a great place to sit and enjoy your morning coffee or entertain guests.


Whats included:


Geotextile - Sq ft291.73
Hardpack - Tons7.65
3/8 crushed granite - Tons1.27
Pavers/Flag - Sq Ft (% added to make up for loss on border-cuts )152.00
Paver Border 6 x 6* Blocks - Sailor - Sq Ft28.00
Polymeric sand - Bags4.00
8' Edging/ Borders - Pieces7
Spikes needed - Pieces56
Loam - Yards2.78
40lb bags seed - Bags0.06
Fill Needed for slope in Tons**0.00
Total Labor**1


*We will ask you if you want 6x6, 6x9, or 4x8 double border.

** Fill, delivery, and labor needed, if there's a significant preexisting slope, is not included.


We look forward to helping you create the outdoor space of your dreams!

10x18 Patio

1 Square foot
  • Whats included: The entire patio, and installation. Furniture is not included. The price also includes 50 linear feet of lawn repair from where we drive in and out. Anything beyond that would require us to have to bring in extra material.

    Potential additional charges: If the area we do the installation is sloped and requires additional fill, then we would first go over that with you to be sure the price difference works within your needs. If there are previous structures that obstruct the area and/or require us to remove/demo, we would first have to go over that portion of the project. Before ordering here, you can give us a call and a technician will look and measure for you so you know in advance and do not have to worry.  

    Return Policy: Due to the complexities of the product/installation process, we are unable to accept returns at this time. We can cancel the installation portion for you to keep the products, with a 5% cancellation fee.

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