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Job Location

Office and On Site

Published By

Robert Lavallee

Type of Job

Full Time

Published Date

About the job

Landscape operations managers oversee both the landscape project plan and the workers who implement it.
Job responsibilities include:
Meeting with clients (or management) to develop or refine plans for the project, which may include ornamental plants, ground cover, and landscaping structures (e.g., walkways, water, and lighting).
Estimating costs (Or working closely with Estimator/Quoter) negotiating prices for plants, equipment, and employees.
Supervise the Foremans/workers who install and maintain landscaping. This may involve:
Scheduling work crews
Planning daily work activities
Monitoring work being done. (
Landscape managers may also be responsible for training Forman/workers, especially on safety procedures when large equipment or hazardous materials are involved.
Reading, Understanding, and implementing Employee manual and training Forman/workers to do the same.
Continue to develop Management structure for when New Landscape Managers are needed.
Fine-tune communication between yourself and Assistant being sure to be as transparent as possible for clear analysis. To over see daily operations, working on strategies to improve business.
Salary 40-50k


  • Life or Health Insurance


Concord, NH, USA

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