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  • What's included?

    The entire patio, and installation are included. Furniture is not included. The price also includes 50 linear feet of lawn repair from where we drive in and out. Anything beyond that would require us to have to bring in extra material.

  • Potential additional charges

    Potential additional charges: If the area we do the installation is sloped and requires additional fill, then we would first go over that with you to be sure the price difference works within your needs. If there are previous structures that obstruct the area and/or require us to remove/demo, we would first have to go over that portion of the project. Ease of access can also impact cost. Before ordering here, you can give us a call and a technician will look and measure for you so you know in advance and do not have to worry.  

  • Return Policy

              Due to the complexities of the product/installation process, we are unable to accept returns                at this time. We can cancel the installation portion for you to keep the products, with a 5%                    cancellation fee.

  • Where we install

    We currently only service southern New Hampshire from the Lakes Region to The Southern Border of New Hampshire. If you are outside of these regions we will not be able to do the installation. Thank you for understanding. If you've read this after ordering, no worries, we will contact you and refund your full amount.

  • Payment Schedule

    Payment Schedule: 40% gets you set up and ready to go. From there, the materials arrive and the install team gets started. Only once work begins to flow will you have to pay the second deposit of 30%. Then only after we've finished the project to your satisfaction will you pay the last and final payment of 30%.  Its that easy!  

  • Installation Process: 

              Once you've purchased your patio online, we'll contact you to schedule an installation date.                    Our team of experienced professionals will arrive at your home on the scheduled date and                      begin the installation process. We'll take care of everything, from preparing the base with                      excavation, fabric, stone, and compaction, grading to laying the patio stones, installing the                    plastic edging to secure the patio into place, and filling the joints with poly sand.

              After the installation is complete, we'll clean up the work area and leave you with a beautiful                  new patio to enjoy. Our team takes great pride in our work, and we're committed to ensuring                  that every installation is done to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

  • Still have questions: Call or Text 603-550-5323


                                 We look forward to helping you create the outdoor space of your dreams!

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